DiviGas Hydrogen
Separation Membranes

A new way to separate hydrogen with a membrane that has
stunning robustness and performance.

Next Gen Hydrogen Separation

Purifying Hydrogen fails where it is needed most, when it is mixed with CO2, acidic gases, and against heavy molecules. DiviGas fixes all of this.

Critical H2 Infrastructure

Green/Blue/Grey hydrogen all require purification after generation or after use, and the industry relies on decades old technology to do it

Better Performance, Same Price

New manufacturing processes bring the edge of polymer nanotechnology to make an affordable membrane without exotic & expensive materials


The Best Hydrogen

Divi-H, Divigas’ new polymeric membrane, can purify hydrogen up to 99.95% purity from any feedstock composition, with best in class recovery rate, and is the most robust system against adverse feed conditions

Divi-H can be used in a wide range of application, from fuel gas recovery & loop optimization through syngas adjustment, carbon capture and biomass gasification.

how it works

Why DiviGas Is Different

Immune to Extreme
Acids & Sulfites

Higher Temp = Less Fouling From Larger Hydrocarbons

Separating CO2 From H2

Easy to Manufacture and


Simpler is better: Membranes are the future

Membranes have been used for industrial processes, including for H2 recovery & purification since the 1980s. However, they only recently started taking up larger market share due to their inherent simplicity.

Compared to catalyst-driven processes, they are low energy, low overhead, require no maintenance and no operations, transforming complex plant operations into simple ones. One inlet gas feed, one purified outlet “permeate” and one “residue” stream with the rest.

In short, we're tougher, better, and cheaper

Acidic gases typically damage the polymer chain and cause gradual failure of membrane. Our membrane are completely immune.
Fouling is caused when larger molecules accumulate on the membrane surface. At higher temperatures, our membrane is protected from these molecules building up
DiviGas membranes also boast a very high selectivity and permeability.

Use Cases

This new performance allows us to apply membranes where it was previously thought impossible


Team Divigas

We are the team of award winning entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers with more than 50 years of experience.

Andre Lorenceau

Co-Founder, CEO

Andre is a serial entrepreneur, Forbes 30 under 30 list-maker, who led his previous B2B startup to Series B with >$20m raised. He’s worked in virtual reality, media, and education technology companies.

Dr Ali Naderi

Co-Founder, CTO

Ali has a PhD and Master degrees from NUS in Chemical Engineering focused on membranes for gas separation and over a decade of work experience in the automotive, space, and polymer industry.


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