Strategic projects manager

Job description

About DiviGas:

Billions worth of gas is lost every year at petrochemical plants due to equipment failure against tough gas streams. DiviGas has invented proprietary polymers to make a new hydrogen membrane, a nano-molecular filter, that allows for this wasted gas to be reused. Saving $ billions & avoiding millions of tons of CO2.

We are a small, new, well funded and rapidly growing technology supplier that sells entire plug-and-play systems designed to seamlessly and cost-effectively separate and recover hydrogen and other gases at petrochemical plants and refineries.

Exec Summary:

DiviGas has closed its multi million $ seed round and is preparing a new scale up of our operations. We are building an office and factory in and around Melbourne to serve our first product rollouts and need a head of operations, our first full time hire, to help with just about every non-technical topic.

This position was created to directly take on some of the responsibilities of the founders, within weeks, you will be expected to show initiative on your own projects and take on verticals of work without any oversight and direction. As one of DiviGas’ earliest executives, you will be entrusted to help build a rapidly growing organization through multiple levels and layers of growth.

In this role, you will cover hiring, organizing our growth, managing day to day operations, synchronizing teams, supporting all departments, legal and financial compliance, managing our space and investor reporting. If this sounds like too much, it’s because it is. Thankfully you won’t be alone in covering them and you will be working with the founders and team through it all
Job requirements

Required qualifications:

2-5 years of experience as a founder or exec role in a hardware or hardware-related startup

MBA graduate with relevant startup experience

Experience managing startups at multiple stages. Early and late.

Start Date: Immediate

Job type: Full time

Remuneration: Salary, Equity, benefits – Tbd based on experience

Functions and responsibilities:

Strategic planning with Cofounders


Client interfacing (non-technical), client support materials strategy and execution

Building company protocols

Help write for, apply for, speak for & build relationships with PR partners

Apply for and be involved in startup competitions

Help manage partners, logistics, facilities and more

Support investor relations

And more!

Who you are:

Curious & Self aware – No one is good at everything, and you aren’t either. But trying to always improve is a necessity in this highly complex role

A strategic thinker – You understand the priorities of the companies, what is a waste of time and what is mission critical, without being told

Technically versatile – You can handle making presentations, making excel spreadsheets and visuals from scratch, making copy (like this job description) and more. If you don’t know a tool (like Miro or wrike), you are always ready to learn it on the fly

Functionally versatile – You will Interview people, talk to clients (non-technically), perform administrative tasks, be involved in strategic planning. Everything from being critical to closing multi million million dollar deals to brooming the factory floor (likely with the CEO there doing the same thing)

Deeply independent & Self Motivated – You create your own work, and you are accountable for yourself

Ambitious – You realize that as one of the first full-time employee, you could become a leader in one of Asia-Pacific’s most promising cleantech companies, and you could have a major impact on the world

Highly self organized – You naturally file, save, label note and otherwise work in a way anyone could follow your train of thought in your absence

Highly ethical and moral-driven – No cheating, ‘no-asshole’ policy, zero tolerance for racism sexism or “but this is how we do it here”

Director of Manufacturing (Chemical)

Must be able to be or relocate to Melbourne area, and potentially to follow the company’s growth wherever it might take us!
Someone who has built, operated and managed manufacturing in a chemical manufacturing line. Either at a small company, startup, or large corporate company
Have shipped a product internationally
You have opened new lines or facilities from zero or overseen entire projects
Have extensive experience creating, managing and enforcing stringent safety standards in manufacturing
Have experience with bringing up manufacturing facilities, from planning to execution while coordinating suppliers and limiting bottlenecks
You are flexible, capable of focusing on a micro-task as well as overseeing broad strategy
You understand the difference between working at a startup and at a large company
You are ambitious and self-motivated
Are ready to be a hiring manager and leader, there will not be an HR department to hold your hand at first, respect, leadership, hiring skills start and stop with you