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Team Divigas

Andre Lorenceau

Co-Founder, CEO

Andre is a serial entrepreneur who led his previous B2B startup to post Series B, millions in revenue booked and outcompeted tech giants such as Intel. He has raised over US$15 million previously, was awarded ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’. Andre has experience across a variety of sectors and brings endless energy and versatility to DiviGas 

Dr Ali Naderi

Co-Founder, CTO

Ali has a PhD from NUS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering focused on membranes for gas separation and organic solvent nanofiltration. He has a background in polymers, including microstructural modification, rheology, structure-property and synthesizing. Ali has published 11 journal papers, five conference papers, and is the inventor for several patents

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Series Seed: 2021

USD $5m raised

Two mass manufacturing line

2022 objective:

Launch field deployments and pilots
onsite with partners

Series A: 2023

Larger Scale Mass Manufacturing

2023+ Objective

Mass deployment at sites

CO2 separation membrane, other membranes

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